Unusual Creatures, In Music - “Jesus Christ Lizard”

The common basilisk, also known as the “Jesus Christ Lizard”, has tiny fringes on its feet that it spreads out when in danger. Using this added surface area to its advantage, it can run across the surface of water at distances of over 30 feet! Here’s that, in a video.

Michael Hearst is a composer. He can not run across water (that I know of). But he has penned an album dedicated to unusual creatures like the “Jesus Christ Lizard”, appropriately named Unusual CreaturesThe music is inspired by the appearance and behavior of such oddities as the blue footed booby, the honey badger, and the theremin-heavy chinese giant salamander.

You can learn more about these Earthly animal oddities and listen to the rest of the tracks at his website (there’s also a book!)

(by oneringzero)

I don’t know.. I feel like Matthew Gray Gubler would enjoy this.