Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about your gender, race, or creed. All he cares about is that you can cook.

The contestant, Christine, is blind, and he lets her know exactly what he thinks of her dish.

that was surprisingly touching for a video about fucking apple pie

((this is more than touching. This is beautiful. Perfect.

I cannot tell you how proud of Ramsy I am, watching this. This is how you talk to a blind or visually handicapped person. We don’t want our hands to be held, we don’t want to be tiptoed around. We want to be treated like everyone else, we want those around us to understand and work with what we have.

The trick with him scraping the knife over the crust so she can hear that its been cooked… god, yes, perfect. His description, letting everyone hear how perfect the pie looks. Holding that slice up, saying ‘right before your eyes’ — I never thought I would say I love Gordon Ramsy, but hell, that is wonderful. I hate when people trip over themselves, avoiding mentioning sight, vision, eyes when speaking to blind people. Here is a man, with no mobility training or experience that I’m aware of, and he’s better in talking than my mobility assistants back in high school.

It just really pleases me.))


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