Fiona Apple covered ‘Pure Imagination’ for this Chipotle short film | Vulture

All around disquieting.

No one else could have sung this as perfectly as Fiona. 

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morning scribbles…


morning scribbles…

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“Every single person I know means nothing to me. I hate every person on this earth. I wish they could all go away. You all make me sick. I wish I was dead.”

In 1999 15-year-old Kip Kinkel pled guilty and was sentenced to 111 years in prison for the shooting death of his parents and two students at Thurston High School in Springfield. He also injured 25 others in Oregon’s worst school shooting.

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RARE: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species

As many as 100 species go extinct every day. How many have we even failed to identify? How many could we prevent?

How many are we responsible for?

Joel Sartore is a National Geographic photographer, and his new book RARE puts a face on the anonymously endangered. And this is just in North America. You can get copies here, and also see more photos.

Sometimes you have to stare a problem with in its cute/scary/nonexistent face in order to take action.

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Emotional Wreckage.

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